Slayin Guide Cheats: Knave, Bosses and Other Tips and Strategy

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Slayin for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Best Slayin Character in the game?
Currently I have Knight, Wizard, Knave, Archer, Tamer and Ninja Characters. Personally I believe Knave as the best character in the game.

Why Knave is the best character in the game?
Knave has dual swords equipped side by side so you don't have to worry about killing enemies at the back. It also kill enemies that came from the ground and those who charge at you but take note: you may receive some damage so be careful.

Knave can Jump. Jump is very important when killing flying enemies and hitting enemy bosses. Some characters don't have jump, they may have abilities to hit flying enemies but sometimes it is risky.

Knave doesn't depends on weapons and armor to beat the final boss. Yes you read it right! You can beat the final boss without reviving or using Dragon's Scale. Only two weapons that has a ability to kill enemies, weapons that have a random thunder and a trap. The rest are weapons and armors that will help you gain more coins.

If Knave can beat the final boss without weapons and armor, should we buy meat instead? The answer would be yes! However it is more easier if you purchase the Weapons with Random Thunder. It cost 600 coins but before you can buy that weapon, you must purchase some other weapons. Random Thunder is indeed very useful to kill enemies that are more dangerous or that is far from you. Random kill helps you extend you're combo timer and to level up fast.

What is the best strategy to beat all enemies and the Final Boss?
Level 1 to Level 70: Maintain your Combo as you can, because you will get doubled coins when killing enemies at combo 20+.
Level 70 up to the Final Boss: Prioritize killing those weaker enemies because you should conserve you're health points for the few remaining bosses. Your coins should be allotted for meat consumption. You should have an almost perfect health pool when the merchant disappear.
You can beat the Final Boss with or without weapon, but you should have a perfect health pool when facing the final boss!

Summary: Knave can beat the final boss without reviving and using dragon scale, you only need meat to survive. Using dragon scale or reviving will reset your fame points.

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