Tap Sports Baseball 2015 Guide Cheats: Batter, Pitcher and Other Tips and Strategy

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Tap Sports Baseball 2015 for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Set your team strategy!
Play a style of baseball that is tailored to your strategy by customizing the options in the Gameplan sub-menu, which can be found in the team menu. From here, you can set how often you will be prompted to bunt & steal, how often your infield will shift & play in, how often your pitcher will
intentionally walk batters due unfavorable matchups in high stress situations, and can set whether your batting order will be set the same every game or will be optimized for matching up righties vs. lefties and vice-versa.

Start with the basics

  • Edit your lineup in the Team Menu!
  • Personalize your nickname.
  • Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends
  • Visit the Store to check out custom uniforms!

Then start planning

  • Be patient! Only swing at strikes!
  • Use Cash and Gold Bars to get better players
  • Free Agents change daily, so check on back regularly
  • Get Upgrades to improve all your players‘ performance!
  • Customize your strategies by setting your Gameplan
  • Use an ice Wrap to rest and start your Ace Pitcher immediately
  • An Energy Bar helps your Pitcher go further with less fatigue.
  • Advance through your division and earn a trip to the Playoffs!
  • Win a Playoff Series to earn a promotion!

What about bonus games?

  • Try Bonus Games for non—stop action!
  • Quick Bonus Games let you jump right to the 9th inning drama!

Batter‘s tips

  • A batter's HITTING rating shows his ability to make contact with the ball and get on base.
  • A batter's POWER rating determines how far he can drive the ball
  • A batter's SPEED rating affects how fast he runs the bases.
  • A batter's BUNT rating influences his execution when bunting.

Pitcher‘s tips

  • A Pitcher's ARM rating shows how hard he throws the ball.
  • A Pitcher's CONTROL rating determines a pitcher's accuracy throwing the ball.
  • A Pitcher's STUFF rating measures how tough his pitches are to hit

You're almost there!

  • Swing later to try to place the ball to the opposite field
  • Swing earlier to try to pull the ball for power
  • Right Handed batters have more success against Left Handed pitchers, and vice-versa
  • Use in-game Chat to trash talk with your opponent
  • Check your opponent's pitches to know what breaks to expect
  • Resigning can cost you a Division Win
  • Consider a Pinch Hitter in a tight game when you need a lefty against a righty
  • Once your pitcher is fading, consider a call to the bullpen
  • Surprise the defense by sending a runner and then connecting on hit-and-run

Home run!

  • Consider score, inning, outs and ball location before sending a runner for an extra base!
  • Visit the Batters Stats menu to see BA, OPS, HRIAB, and so much more!
  • Visit the Pitchers Stats menu to see ERA, KIBB, WHIP, and tons more!
  • Never make the 3rd out of an inning at 3rd base!
  • Go the other way to beat an infield shift
  • Don't bunt if you notice that the infield is in!
  • Use Steals, Bunts, and Hit-and-Runs when one run matters in a tight game!
  • Get ahead in the count, then look fastball and crush it!
  • Pitchers have trouble getting breaking stuff in the strike zone - so lay off it!