Bird Climb Tips Cheats Guide: Floor, Birds and Multiplayer Tricks Strategy

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Bird Climb "also known as Birds Climb" Game Guide

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Collecting Diamonds
Collect diamonds as fast as you can! If your goal is to buy many birds then collecting diamonds are obviously more important. Collecting diamonds specially those hard to reach, adds risk when you want to reach higher floors.

Floor Rewards 
The value of diamond for every 10th floor will increase by 1. For example: if you reach the 30th floor, your next diamonds will be valued at 4.

Floor Difficulty
The difficulty for every 10th floor will increase, because the frequency of the spikes will increase also. However the spacing between two spikes (good enough to wall jump without touching the spikes) will still there even if you reach the 50th floor and above.

All Birds has the same speed or length of jump. The only difference is there appearance.
However appearance does help you in-game. You may notice that you're first bird can somehow touch the wall and the spikes at the same time and still manage to survive. It is because the beak touches the wall. The smaller the bird, the easier to identify which spot of the wall to wall-jump safely,

Turn off Ads Cheat
You can stop the appearing of ads in-game as long as your internet is turned off. However you cannot revive with watching ads as it needs an internet connection obviously, same as with multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer Tips
Keep in mind, there are no rewards in playing multiplayer modes. So there is no real pressure on getting high score. Don't be impulsive when reviving your birds, just to defeat your enemy. Remember you're goal is to get many diamonds as you can and not wasting it.

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