Blocky Traffic Racer Tips Guide: Getting Coins Strategy & Tricks

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Blocky Traffic Racer for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

How to get coins in Blocky Traffic Racer?

There are three factors in getting coins after finishing a single run

  • Total Distance
  • Close Overtakes
  • Keep Above 100 km/h
Total Distance
The longer your travel distance is the more coins you will get. Yes you need to survive longer to get more coins. However the longer you travel, the shorter coin multiplier will be. It means when you travel and survive in the road longer, its "coin multiplier x distance traveled  = coins" will reduce.

I have an example to prove this statement.

0.63 Km = 83 coins
2.67 Km = 320 coins

It takes 131.75 (coin multiplier) multiply it with 0.63 Km (distance traveled) and it's equals will be 83 coins.
While it takes  119.85 (coin multiplier) multiply it with 2.67 Km (distance traveled) and it's equals will be 320 coins.

We should get 351 coins instead of 320 coins if we only have a fixed coin multiplier. But the point is you don't need to reach longer about 10 Km or more because the coin multiplier will reduce tremendously.

Close Overtakes
Close Overtakes formula has a fixed coin multiplier regardless of what kind of car do you have.
It is Car Overtakes x 10 = coins. But keep in mind, you need to travel atleast 100 km/h of speed.
Handling is the best upgrade for "Close Overtakes" because it will help you avoid collision and doing overtakes at the same time.
Keep Above 100 km/h

It has a coin multiplier of 5. So the time spent on 100 km/h or more will be multiply it with 5 and it's equals would be your coins.

Total Distance vs Close Overtakes vs Keep Above 100 km/h
If you don't use your brake often, the Total Distance and Keep Above 100 km/h would be almost the same or the Total Distance will be higher. Close Overtakes has the highest coin output if you are very good at doing close overtakes otherwise it will be the same as the other factors or maybe lower if you avoid close overtakes.

What doesn't work in getting coins?

  • Score: Getting high score doesn't improve or multiply you total coins after a single run.
  • Combo: Combo does insanely increase your score output, specially if you have a very high combo. But it doesn't increase the coins you get anyway.