Empires & Allies Guide Tips: Troops, Attacking and Defense Strategy

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Empires & Allies Guide Tips

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Troops Tips

  • If the fight looks unwinnable, Retreat to save your troops
  • When changing the unit type on a Troop Tarmac, the cost of the current unit is refunded
  • Rangers are the backbone of your army
  • The Striker VI acts as a shield for your army
  • A mix of Hangers, Strikers, and Tanks is a powerful army
  • The Tank is an armored powerhouse but is vulnerable to Spider Drones
  • Attackers can't see what's under e Domed Defense in Scout mode

Defense Tips

  • While upgrading a defensive building, it is disabled
  • Rearrange your base to protect your HQ and valued resources
  • Check your Battle Log to see when your base has been attacked and watch the replays
  • Guard Towers have a long range and are good against infantry units
  • Guard Towers are deadly against Rangers. Sand in Strikers first to soak up damage
  • The Storage Bunker helps protect your resources from enemy attacks
  • Upgrading one Landmine will upgrade all of them
  • You can set Base Defenders to stand guard on e Rally Flag or petrol between Rally Flags
  • Rally Flags allow you to populate your bass with defensive troops!

Attacking Tips

  • Win by destroying at least 50% of the buildings or the HQ to collect resources
  • Upgrade your attack units & Command Powers in the Research Agency
  • If Another player attacked your base, you can retaliate from your Battle Log screen
  • Using Flares on a building will direct your troops to attack it
  • At HQ level 4 you can choose between Squad or Single Unit deploy
  • The Hellfire Missile deals higher damage to a smaller area
  • Command Points are refreshed for each battle
  • Destroy the enemy HQ to earn a Victory Star!
  • Experiment with different troop combos and discover new ways to attack bases