Let's Go Rocket Tips Cheats Guide: Rocket Themes, Gem Bonanza and Patterns Tricks Strategy

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Let's Go Rocket Guide

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

How to score 50 or more?

Let's Go Rockets have the same patterns but randomly placed once the game is started. Once you reach about 30 and above, new patterns will appear. Patterns are easy to memorize compared to other similar games. You only concern is to practice your timing well.

Try New Rockets!
Rocket Themes does help you avoid obstacles easier, so you should get the opportunity to play new rocket themes for three times for free!

Rocket Themes
Astro, Flash (Default Rocket), Flash and Classic have the same Viewing Field size. They have the smallest Viewing Field thus making it difficult to dodge unexpected obstacles. Larger Viewing Field means you can view or see more field(Space) and upcomming obstacles. So you can plan ahead on how to dodge your next obstacles.
Retro theme has a larger viewing field but it is difficult to play with, because it has minimal colors and hard to distinguish obstacles.
The Best theme is the Miami theme, because it has a very large viewing field and it's designs are minimalist.
All rocket themes, except for Astro, Flash and Gold have the same cost of 200 gems. Go for the miami for easier gameplay.

How to earn gems?

Gem Bonanza
Gem Bonanza will be playable for every 20 minutes, so you should do well when you play Gem Bonanza. In Gem Bonanza each level (score) has a 1 gems that you can get (except for the 3 gems at the start of the Gem Bonanza Game)

Watch Ads
You can get 20 gems for free when you watch a single ad. However ads are limited per day so you should watch it if it is available. You can only watch an ad if it is available after a single game.

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