Snake Rewind Tips Cheats Guide: Controls, Power-Ups and Pause Tricks Strategy

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Snake Rewind iPhone/Android Game Tips

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

There are two controls available: Touch and Swipe.
Swipe controls are very buggy at the moment based on my gameplay experience and other user reviews. Sometimes you're swipe will register it as a double or even triple advance movement.
In this game, you can advance your future movements by swiping/tap the desired direction at fast rate. Touch controls are recommended at the moment until the swipe bug is fixed, adding DPad option or gamepads compatibility.  Don't forget to turn the visibility ON for extra visual guide.

Landscape vs Portrait
Playing portrait might seems odd if you already played snakes in other gaming console or old dumbphones such as old nokia cellphones. Touch and Swipe controls are much better with landscape.

Fruit Magnet: Zap fruit from a distance boost size and duration!
Score Multiplier: Start every game with a score multiplier
Trailblazer: Extra slowdown when passing the trail.
The Snail: Going too fast? Slow down the snake a bit.
Supersizer: Grow the snake in an instant.
Impact Shield; Some extra time to turn the snake when crashing.
Mystery Box: Improve the award from the mystery box.
Rewind Discount: Get a discount each time you rewind the snake.
Point Cube: A 150-Point Cue, at the start of every game.
Fruit Garden: An extra fourth fruit always on the screen.
Rumilus Hero: A rumilus hero for the fashionable snake!
Glowing Hero: For those who link abstract glowing things.
A pair of Eyes: How could the snake without eyes.

Power Ups
Fruit Magnet and Trailblazer are the best power-ups in the game. The worst is the supersizer, it  increases the difficulty because the snake will increase it size.

Upgrade Guide
Aside from the magnet and trailblazer power ups, Impact shield is the best upgrade if you want to survive longer. Mystery Box is also a good one when you want to have more mystery rewards.

Visual Effects
Don't buy visual effects such as Rumilus Hero, Glowing Hero and A pair of eyes. They are very expensive and doesn't help you in-game. You may buy them if you already upgrade those most important ones.

Watch Ads and Daily Rewards
Watch Ads to get free 100 fruits! Remember ads are limited so watch ads as you can!
Play Snake rewind everyday and claim your free daily rewards.

Pause Cheat
Pause Cheat are very common in a snake game. If you played a snake game before, you may already know this trick by yourself. You just need to pause the game and look for possible movements. If you are ready, just resume and wait for the 3,2,1 timer and execute your planned movement.

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