Snowboard Party Tips Guide: Earn Experience Tricks & Strategy Cheats

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Snowboard Party also known as Snow Party for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

For every location/tracks there are 5 objectives that you can pass. Every objective worth 300 experience, good enough to earn experience. However if you completely finish the 5 objectives in a location/track you will get 1500 experience points! A total of 3000 experience!

You can gain massive experience through achievements unlike objectives, achievements can be achieve cumulatively so there's no pressure in getting achievements.
Achievements gives a lot of experience specially when you complete the three modes sessions, accumulate career total points and execute/land specific moves.
Avoid achieving achievements like Unlock outfits and riders. They may give massive experience but it is very costly and expensive. Better upgrade or buy new riders or outfit to achieve other achievements easily.

Avoid Restarting!
Assuming you want to finish a certain objective like getting all 5 hidden letters and you failed to get the letter P. Don't ever try to restart your track, instead finish the track and you will get a minimum of 300 experience (depending on what modes and high score you got).
Remember you can only get 300 experience point in a single objective, just play the single track again after you get the experience points from your previous track.

What modes are the best in terms of getting experience fast!
There are three modes in the game: Freestyle, Half Pipe and Big Air.
Big Air has the shortest track length of all modes but the experience points you will get after finishing Big Air and Half Pipe is almost the same.
Freestyle has the highest experience points output of all modes but the track length is very long.
Big Air can be finished at very fast rate compared to the other 2 modes because you only need to execute moves when jumping at the cliff which is facing at the finish line. So you're travel will be always at the forward motion.
You don't need to execute any moves if you want to earn 300-500 exp points (depends on your speed) in every track of Big Air. Isn't it amazing?

Watch and Earn
You will get 250 Experience for every Ads you watch.

You can gain a lot of Experience Points depending on what offer you successfully complete.
Some offers specially those high rewards, are often limited only, so you need to complete them as soon as you can.

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