Temple Rush Tips Cheats Guide: Boosters, Crystals and Multiplayer Tricks Strategy

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Temple Rush Guide

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Match similar marbles to form specific shapes: squares, lines or diagonals. Every level has an objective that you must accomplish before the timer runs out. Be quick and follow the level's objective to earn stars and crystals. You can move marbles around by pressing on them. You can also move a block of marbles if there is room for movement.

You can match powerups with any regular marble. Every powerup has a special power as described below:

You can match this powerup with any colored marble. Use it when you don't have a nearby marble for your match.

Freeze Time
Use this powerup to stop the timer counting down. Really useful when time is running out and you need to complete the level.

Use this powerup to explode all the marbles around your match. Really useful to quickly unlock blocked marbles grouped in one area.

You can match this powerup and also 3X and 4X to increase your points for a match. It will double, triple and quadruple the value of your match.


Boosters create powerups on the gameboard when pressed. You need to unlock and buy booster units with crystals before you can use them.

Luck (level8+)
This booster will create a random powerup and place it on the gameboard.

Freeze (level 16+)
This booster will stop the gameboard timer for a while. Move fast and earn points during this time.

Unlock (level 24+)
This booster will remove bars from a random locked marble. Use it when it's hard to move around with multiple locks on the gameboard.


Each time you win a game with 1 to 3 stars, you are awarded crystals. You can use crystals to refill boosters, buy hearts or continue hard levels. The fastest way to get a lot of crystals is the Game Store.

When you start the game you have 5 lives available. Every time you lose or retry a level, a heart is removed. When you reach zero-hearts you are unable to continue the game. You have three options:
Buy a life refill from the Game Store
Wait 30 minutes for auto-refill
Trade crystals for hearts
Locked marbles

A marble can be locked if you move too slow and you fail to achieve a match in a given time. You can get rid of locked marbles by including them in a match or by using the Unlock booster.

You can win free powerups if you move really quick. Three consecutive matches in less than 3 seconds count as a Combo and will generate a random powerup on the gameboard.


You can initiate realtime battles with your Game Center friends or some random person waiting to play.

The objective is to get a higher score than your opponent in a 2 minute battle. You can make your opponent's life harder by achieving Combos. This will automatically lock marbles on your opponent's game board and reward you with a random powerup. Boosters are quite useful in battles but you should use them wisely, because they cost a lot of crystals.

When a game is over you will have the chance to rematch or quit and connect to somebody else.

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