Top 12 Master Of Soccer Guide Tips: Tactic, Attack and Defense Strategy

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Top 12 Master Of Soccer/Football aka Top12 Android/iPhone Game Guide

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Read this simple tricks to dominate Top12 Soccer game

As a team manager, you need to operate team. Besides, you also need to command your team to make the right reaction

Change Player and Change Tactic could help to win the match

Watch closely the game, find a chance to adjust

Block your opponent's tactic can weaken your opponent's combat. Now, please change tactic

When the stamina is low, player's capacity will be reduced

If most of the players are exhausted, team's combat would be greatly reduced

Add stamina to your players. Don't let your opponent fight back

Players can get upgraded and improve ability by playing games.

The championship can't make it without top star's help! G0 scouting.

Note: The higher level ofthe player, the more powerful this player could be

Player has upgraded! This player's capacity is also improved!

Euro and Gem is key to run a team

Career Matches are important for a team's development, after completing all levels, there'll be players as reward

The condition for a full-star win is to score 3 or more goals when facing each team, and there'll be gems as reward

After FIP yalue's full, click the exchange button and you'll surely get a S Iv player. The FIP value'll not increase after it's full

The use cf super scout increase ‘I0 FIP value each time. The use of senior scout increases 3 FIP value each time. The use cf primary sccut increases ‘I FIP values at a time.

Attack and Defense arethe symbol of a team's power. The stronger you are, the more opponent you could defeat.

Adjust Formation and Tactic can greatly enhance team's power.

Auto-set formation can put players in their positions with cne click. Players shculdve placed in their position to play 100% capacity

Put players in recommendation slot to make sure they have play to the fullest. The shining slot is the recommendation slot.

The trade of three players with same quality can obtain a higher quality player.

The more fans, the more Euro you could get

The higher quality of your players, the more they can improve. You can training B- and above players

This is method to cultivate players. Train offence for CFC; Train BP for defence; Train skills for CM. And quality is all-purpose

Fled point beside the player means this player is good at CFP; green point means CM; blue point means BP; white point means goalkeeper

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