Dynasty Conquest Guide: General/Skills Tips, Cheats

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Dynasty Conquest Guide
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General's Strength and Weakness

5 Classes have strengths and weaknesses against each other.

Dragoon > Spearman > Cavalry > Archer > Chariot > Dragoon

Keep in mind that you can appoint up to 5 Generals in a battle

General's Class Special Skill

There's a special skill unique to each Class. It activates with certain probability and it's called the Class Special Skill.
The activation chance increases when Superior Class is fighting Inferior Class.

Block, Knockback, Fire and Airborne are one of those special skills that can be use effectively in your battles.

4 Official Tips for Dynasty Conquest

  1. An Official does not directly fight in battles but controls the Catapult or Ballista.
  2. Catapult shoots a large rock and Ballista shoots multiple arrows and inflict damages on the enemies.
  3. An Official is positioned together with the first positioned General.
  4. You can appoint 1 Official in a battle.
Battle Tips

First, you need to position you're General. They can be positioned at the spots marked in red.
You need to break the gate quickly as to reduce the damage taken.
Use the Catapult, Ballista or any commands by your official.
Keep in mind your Official's skill is auto selected by default, so select the target to attack immediately!
After that, you need to set you're General Skill and it has a cool time after using it, so consider carefully.
Don't forget about your position setting for the skill is marked. If the marked area is Green, then the skill target is Ally and if the area is White, then the skill target is Enemy.

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