Cycling Stars - Tour de France Cheats: 4 Tips on How to Play, Guide and Tricks

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Cycling Stars - Tour de France Guide
For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

4 Beginner's Tips and Explanation on how to play Cycling Stars - Tour de France.

You’ll either see how many stars you’ve collected so far on this race if it is unlocked, or the requirements to unlock it.
Once a race selected, you’ll switch to Stage selection screen : in the same way, you’ll be able to see how many stars you’ve managed to collect on each of those, or the requirements to access them.
Hit the Play button to start the race!

You’ll go to the Stage summary screen, where you’ll be able to view your current team, and add a fifth member picked from the Riders shared among your friends Team Leaders !
Hit the Play button, and watch how your Riders evolve from places to places through the stage : each of the circles along the way represents a potential Card Battle !
You can tap anywhere on the screen to speed up the progress, and tap again to get back to a normal pace.

It’s time to use your Cards against your opponent’s!
Each of your Riders are represented by 4 values : Sprinter, Climber, Wheeler and Adventurer.
For each of these battles one or more of those values will be highlighted depending of the type of road you’re currently on.
The Battle will be made between one of your Card, and one of your opponent’s : the Card with the highest highlighted stat will be the winner of the Battle !
But beware : you can only play each of your Rider once during the stage, so pick wisely and win as much as those Battles to gain points and collect stars !

When playing Cycling Stars, you will receive, earn or purchase new Cards regularly : this is the place where you’ll draw that Card randomly.
There are 3 types of Draws : the regular draw, represented by 4-leaf clover of green colour, the super draw in orange, and finally the hyper draw in purple.
On the top of the screen you’ll be able to see the current distribution of cards for each of these type of draws, how many riders from each rarity type are available.
On the bottom of the screen, you’ll have access to the 3 different types of Draw, and see how many Draw Token you currently have for each of these types.
Tapping one of the stack of cards on the middle section of the screen will consume one of those token, or give you the opportunity to buy one with gems if you currently are out of tokens.
The drawn card will then be revealed : good luck !
You can also shuffle the way cards are dealt on the table with the green button on the top part of the screen, or access your card collection by tapping the Team button on the bottom part of the screen.

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