Kitty Clicker Cheats: 5 Tips to Increase Bells/Sec, Guide and Tricks

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Kitty Clicker Guide
For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Follow these 5 Kitty Clicker Tips to Increase your Bells/Sec and Purchase more Cats.

Tip #1: Buy Cats the Smart Way!
The first step in a "Smart Way to buy cats" is to look at their costs.
Compare your most expensive OWNED cat costs to it's previous cat costs.
For Example
You owned 1 Bee Cat as your most expensive owned cat and it's next expensive cat is Eskimo Cat.
Bee Cat Cost (Before you Own One) is 40K. While Eskimo Cat Cost is 120K.
We don't know yet on how many Bells Per Second Eskimo Give unless you buy it atleast once.
The best and safe way when buying Eskimo Cat is to buy Bee Cat until the ORIGINAL COST of Bee Cat multiplied by the Number of Bee Cat equals to the ORIGINAL COST of Eskimo Cat.
If the OC (Original Cost) of Bee Cat is 40k while Eskimo Cat is at 120k, you need to buy another 2 Bee Cat to equal the OC of Eskimo Cat which is 40K x 3 = 120K.
The result would be: 3 Bee Cats Total Cost (Approx 130K) vs 1 Eskimo Cat (120k) while it gives more Bells/Sec "3 Bee Cats (63 Bells/Sec) and 1 Eskimo Cat (39 Bells/Sec)". If you buy another Bee Cat, it will not be efficient anymore because the cost of Bee Cats will increase furthermore.

Tip #2: Buy Special Cats!
Buy atleast 1 Special Cat as soon as possible when you don't have one yet. Special Cats rarely appears but gives a large amount of bells which will instantly fill your cat's tummy bar.
My suggestion would be buy the Winged Cat first ASAP then you're next special cat purchase would be a UFO Cat.

Why UFO Cat?
If you compare the Catzilla and UFO Cat on how many bells they can give, you will notice that their Bells VS Costs Ratio are not equal. UFO CAT has the highest Bells VS Costs Ratio.
Special Cats doesn't increase it's cost when you buy, so buy UFO Cats as much as you can.

Tip #3: Buy Double Profit.
It will double your bells profit forever.

Tip #4: Watch Ads.
Watch Ads to get free Cat.

Tip 5#: Use Macro.
The purpose of using MACRO is to let your PC control the game and to continue after filling you're cats tummy bar without your interference. It is possible, but you should have knowledge about using MACROs.

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