Spooky Runner Cheats: 6 Tips for Chasing and Avoiding, Guide and Tricks

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Spooky Runner Guide
For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Here are the best 6 Spooky Runner Tips that will help you chase and avoid players in multiplayer mode

Tip #1: Priority high enemies HP (Monster Mode)
When you see an Enemy with high HP, chase it! Going for low health players will benefit other players specially those have high hp.
Balancing your enemies HP is the best way to go. Players tend to aim those low health players because they want to eliminate them as soon as possible. Which is counter productive because those low health players will seek revenge to the monster who chased them specially when they are the one who might kill them.

Tip #2: Always bring a power-up.
Normal Treasure gives power-ups that will help you avoid monster or chase human players. Normal Treasures can be found at bushes and bushes are perfect way to avoid monsters.
If you are human, the best way to use power-up is when the monster is chasing you except when you are cursed, roped and etc that will lower your chance to escape from the monster.
If you are a monster but do have a power-up, use them at the right time. Don't impulsively use them, wait for the right moment depending on what power-up do you have.
There are many types of power-ups in the game. They have different effects but one thing is common from them is to help you avoid/chase players.
Some Power-Ups gives you additional HP and SP which are both important.

Tip #3: Go for the Cursed Treasure.
Cursed Treasure is different from the normal treasures. This treasure may affect one player or all players in the game and the effects of it will benefit the one who claim it.
Cursed Treasure are placed away from the bushes so do the tip #2 and think in advance because the monster may chase you.

Tip #4: Get Earn Treasures and Free Gift Treasures.
Earn Treasures do have ads limitation so get them when they are available.
Free Gift Treasures are time based and it will increase it's timer for every Free Gift Treasure claimed.

Tip #5: Don't waste your SP.
You can run fast using the run button but it requires SP. You can get SP through potions or treasures. Same as the Tip #2, only use them when they are needed badly.

Tip #6: Don't use fancy characters.
Less fancy equals less seeking attention. Sometimes we tend to go for the characters that have fancy appearances because that's a human tendency.
But if you are confident with your avoid/chasing skills then go for the best fancy characters.

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