Very Bad Roads Cheats: 6 Tips to Earn Coins Fast, Guide and Tricks

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Very Bad Roads aka (V3ry Bad Roads) Guide
For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Do you want to buy Expensive Vehicles but doesn't have enough coins?
Then look at these 6 Very Bad Roads Tips that will help you earn more coins to buy Expensive Vehicles.

Tip #1: Save Coins to buy Cater or Battt Vehicle
Both vehicles worth 130000 and 140000 coins. They are expensive yet very easy to obtain, you just need a bit of patience and hardwork.
You can save 140000 coins for playing about several hours. Just avoid overspending like upgrading too much, buying many vehicles and buying Stages.

Tip #2: Cost Efficient Upgrade.
8/9 for Engine and 5 both for Tires and Suspension. Engine are important because you need to climb higher cliffs. Tires and Suspension are great upgrades but you can survive without them and we need to save coins to buy important ones.

Tip #3: Pick an Easy Stage.
Some stages are very hard specially those stages that are expensive. Go for the stages that are easy yet not expensive.
Stages Jungle and Asia are the easiest among other stages. Jungle are free by default and Asia's Cost only would be 10000 coins.

Tip #4: Pick a Good Vehicle.
If you want a Vehicle that is good enough yet not so expensive then pick Sunnie. Sunnie has a long body to protect from flipping over and has a large basket cage.

Tip #5: Travel longer to increase coins multiplier.
Coins in all stages worth 50 at the start. It will increase it's worth by 10 incrementally depending on how long your travel distance is.

Tip #6: Refill Cage in Checkpoint.
Whenever you reach at any Checkpoint, you can refill 1 cage to your vehicle. Just stop and catch the falling cage into your basket cage.
Vehicles that has a large basket cage would be more a lot easier to catch falling cages.

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