Dragon Encounter Cheats: Top 3 Best Tips, Guide and Tricks

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Dragon Encounter Guide
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TIP #1: Basic Battle

All equipment has different stats and skills, so it is important to find what's the best
Use the unique skill with other skills together for best efficiency
Remember and use helpful effects and combinations for skills
Skills consume MP to cast. During combat,
HP or MP may become pretty low, and that's when you use the potions
You can only bring 5 potions when you enter a dungeon, so be careful.

TIP #2: Improving your Equipment & Battles

To enchant equipment, you need to select one first
If you enchant equipment, its base stats increase ATK for weapons, and DEF for armor.
You can also use weapons to enchant your equipment.
This is an essential course to become stronger, so don't forget

If the equipment has reached its Max level from enchanting, you can evolve it in this case.
Evolve equipment of Max enchanted to improve it to the next tier.
To evolve, you need other material equipment of the same tier as many as possible.
If you have a 1-Star sword, you need 1 weapon of the same tier
There's also an item called Evolution Stone.
This is how you raise the tier of the equipment.
But, the level of the equipment will be reset, so please watch out
Once the tier increases, the Max enchant level and stats increase too
Use the enchant and evolution well.

Rank Up
The last one is Rank Up. Select the evolved equipment
All equipment has hidden abilities.
You need to rank up the equipment to reveal the abilities
For Rank Up, you need RANK UP Stones.
RANK UP Stones can be acquired in Daily Dungeons
The hidden abilities will be revealed starting from +2
Those abilities are applied randomly, so you need to rank up various equipment to find the right one for you

Battle Buffs
Have you ever had any difficulty during battles?
That's the right time to use Battle Buffs.

There are various buffs with different effects, so please try them ATK and DEF are the most important.

People always want to obtain better equipment and become stronger
For those people, the kingdom prepared the Equipment Gacha.
You can use Rubies to obtain Armor and Weapons
Equipping a Rune should be important also.
You need a certain material to equip a Rune. That is... the Magic Powder.
You can Disassemble equipment to obtain Magic Powder;
Actually, you can obtain quite a lot.

There are two different magic powders, so be careful.
Better weapons will provide bigger amounts and better types
It's also a good idea to disassemble unwanted equipment
It's like an... investment to equip Runes.
You need Magic Powder to open the slots.
Runes provide various effects.
Set Effect is very important. Try to complete a set

TIP #3: Sub Equipment & Dungeons

Going into dungeons will grant you more equipment.
Let me tell you about Sub Equipment. Sub Equipment is an extra slot to equip equipment
You can gain 10% of the stats of the equipment placed in this slot. Follow my instructions.
All types of equipment can be equipped here
If you want to become even more stronger, you may want to put in more effort to improve Sub Equipment

A Mission is a goal to achieve in a specific period.
The kingdom provides many rewards for the missions you accomplish
Missions have various rewards.
Don't forget to check them every day
Progression Missions are waiting for you.
Some of them give great rewards. Try to accomplish them

You will need more Gold as you continue your adventure and more materials will be needed to become stronger.
There's a place called Special Dungeon It's nothing related to the Templars.
This dungeon gives many kinds of rewards. Every dungeon is different too.

Daily Dungeons give Elemental items according to their own elements. 
They change every day, so be careful.
Special Monday - Friday will get RANKUP Stone