Battleplans Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Troops, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Battleplans Tip #1: Train your heroes.
When you train a hero class, you raise the maximum number of any given troop that this hero class can take to battle. Depending on the level, it's different troops that are concerned.

For example, if you train the Monk from Level 2 to 3, your Monks add one peasant to the maximum number they can can take to battle.  But of course, you must have enough Peasants available, and that means you have to extend your troop camps...

Battleplans Tip #2: Extend your troop camps.
Extending a camp increases the maximum number of troops from that camp that you can have in your base.
When you extend your Peasant camp from level 2 to level 3, you increase the maximum number of Peasants you can have from 9 to 12.

This has two benefits: you can now take up to 12 Peasants to battle, or you can take let's say 6, and keep 6 in reserve. With 6 in reserves, you can lose all your Peasants in battle and not have to wait for Peasants training for the next battle.
Increase the number of squads

Battleplans Tip #3: Get a new Turtle (Attack), or larger mines (Defense).
For the Defense, the number of squads is set by the map/mine itself.
Turtles are unlocked in the Skulls chieftains campaign (look for this      on the world map).
Note that when you fight other players there's a maximum number of turtles you take to battle. This maximum is set by the mine itself.
When you fight the Skulls, you always attack with all your turtles.

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