Dracimon Cheats: 11 Quick Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Healing Center
You can have all of your party Dracimons healed when you come here.

Evolution Center
You can evolve your Dracimons here after they reach their evolutionary level.

You can battle online with other Dracitrainers here.

A Dracimon can have a maximum of four moves.
A very young Dracimons don't know many moves moves in the beginning but if it is trained, it learns more moves.
Dracimons use their moves to attack the opposing Dracimons.

How can I upgrade my Dracimons?
You can upgrade your dracimons by taking them to battle and earn EXP Points. You can also upgrade them using coins directly.

How do I earn coins?
You can get free coins every 3 hours. You can also battle with other players to win coins.

How do I catch Dracimons?
You can catch Dracimons using Dracoball. Draciball can be bought on the store. You can only catch wild Dracimons.

How to prevent wild Dracimons escape?
A sleeping or frozen Dracimon cannot escape.

How do I heal my Dracimons?
You can heal your Dracimons in the healing center.

How do I evolve my Dracimons?
You evolve your Dracimons in the Evolution center.

How do I remove the ads?
The ads will been removed if you purchase any pack of Gems on the store.

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