Elsword: Evolution SEA Cheats: Function, Control Tips, Guide and Tricks

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Strategy Guide iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices for Elsword: Evolution CBT SEA Server.

Click and Hold Direction Button, move character to the yellow arrow.
Click Normal Attack Button able to attack target, attack him!
Quickly use Jump Button to jump onto the lotus flower!
Found Enemies? Use Skills to defeat them.
Blue is your Mage Point, that will consume.
Every Holy beast's skills can only be used once in a battle.

[Important Tips]

  1. Collect fashion costume, activates from magical wardrobe, able to increase power.
  2. Bigger sizes BOSS will not be able to attack to the middle of the air.
  3. Attributes of the equipment can be converted, do not forget upon changing to a higher grade equipments.
  4. Pay attention to ranking, interact more, will speed up the familiarity of this game!
  5. Collect full collection of the fashion magical wardrobe, it helps to increase huge amount of power.
  6. The strong orange equipment, glowing attributes, you will be sorry if you are not creating a set of yours.
  7. Passing stage of the main dungeons will allows you to use Tree of Earls fruits to proceed with raiding.
  8. Log into the game daily and take attendance will allows you to receive rewards, do not forget about it!

[Functions Tips]
  1. Equipment: Change equipment on time, proceed with equipment refining, can constantly increases power.
  2. Fashion: Obtain costume through ice blending machine and fashion mall.
  3. Illusional Beast: Sub-element phylum can unlock illusional beast, Elite dungeon produces star stones, putting on a equipment on illusional beast.
  4. Clan: Join Clan to participate in different playing method, make friends, increase power.
  5. Friends: Gift flowers to friends, obtain personality value and energy rewards.
  6. Tree of Earl: Produces fruits and uses to speed up dungeon raids, obtain large amound of EXP rewards.
  7. Magic Closet: Obtain fashion, activation illustration guide, increased power.
  8. Daily Missions: Produce large amount of EXP.
  9. Warrior's Trial: Produced large amount of Gold Ingots, EXP, Cobb juice and Aura in Trial.
  10. Battle Arena: Battle to get ranking, receive unlimited of diamonds. Rush for the rank.
  11. Region Competition: Manually PK, the strongest are the fighter! Work hard for one season.
  12. Artifact: Guang Wu can increase its power by upgrading it, refining it, materials can be received through Haniel space time.
  13. Partner: Acquainted with companion, being accompanied at all times. Cultivate interactions, enhance power.
  14. Magic Stone: Framing magic stone for equipment can significantly enhance the power of it.
  15. Limit Challenge: Produce large amount of aura, rare weapon.