Flick Golf Island Cheats: 4 Best Tips in Mission, Controls, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Flick Golf Island  Tip #1: Controls.
Touch the tap of the screen to aim the camera.
Flick through the ball.
The longer the flick the harder the hit.
The ball will follow the direction of your flick.
Wipe where you can the ball to go.
You can also swipe to control the ball on the ground to colllect gems.
Boosts help you get higher scores.
Activate the boost by tapping on the icon before you shot.

Flick Golf Island  Tip #2: Daily Play.
Get the ball in the hole to earn gems.
Play every day to earn free gems.

Flick Golf Island  Tip #3: Mission.
Missions give you bonus gems when you complete a single mission.
You can also complete 3 missions with one game.
Completing a mission gives you gems and will be replace by a new mission.
Some missions are hard to complete or you don't know how to complete it, you can skip them by watching an Ads.

Flick Golf Island  Tip #4: Adverts.
You have 2 option to disable Ads in the game.
Ny watching a single ad your game will be ad free for 10 minutes.
Or by purchasing it with 2.99 dollars, it will remove ads forever.
If you remove ads, you can still choose to watch ads for rewards.