Game of Survivors Cheats: 3 Best Tips for League, Guide and Tricks

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Game of Survivors Tip#1 :What is a League?
The League is each Commander's unified force. Members can send each other resources, accelerate building construction, train soldiers, research science and technology and build items. The entire League enjoys each members’ successes, League Shop and other buffs.

Game of Survivors Tip#2 :[League] How to build a League?
Once your Headquarters reaches level 6, you can create your own League.

Open the League page (if you have already joined another League, please leave that one first) and choose Create League at the bottom.

After creating the League, there is no way to change the name. Please review the name before confirming.

Game of Survivors Tip#3 :[League]What are Capital/Wonder Battles?
Every area has a Capital (one server could have many Capitals), and Leagues can attack and occupy them!
Also a server may have one “Wonder”.

Any League that occupy a Capital/Wonder will have special items appear in their League Shop. In addition, every day they can receive taxes from Capital in their areas.

 If a League has no less than 10 members, they can challenge a Capital/Wonder.

(Challenging and challenged Leagues) All Leagues can donate troops to assist in the battle.

The victor of the Capital/Wonder battle shall become the defender in the next round of combat (if lost, the attacker shall also become the defender.)

If the defender cannot be defeated within the time limit (check on the Capital home screen), they claim victory and occupy the Capital/Wonder and enjoy the spoils.

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