MASTER OF TACTICS Cheats: 5 Best Tips on Skills and Formation, Guide and Tricks

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Tip #1: Active Skills
You need to collect Skill Points using basic attack or defense inorder to use skills.
Each Hexamon has its own unique skills so make sure you know what skills your hexmons have.
The extra effects of skills are a very important element which can decide the results of a battle.

Tip #2: Defense
This is a way to minimize damage.
You can get twice as many skill points while using defense.

Tip #3: Master Skills
Masters each have their own unique skills that they can touch to use.
They can have powerful effects, like dealing a heavyblow to all enemies.
Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of times that you can use a master skill.
The Master Skill Points obtained from clearing dungeons allow you to use master skills.

Tip #4: Exploration and Exploring
There are all kinds of different dungeons for each difficulty level of the explorations.
This is why it's so important that your Hexmons grow.

If you keep Exploring, you can find all kinds of Hexmons.
Exploring to build up your basic fighting power is very important.
You can go to another exploration area once you clear this one.
Keep exploring and gain lots of experience from meeting different monsters.

Tip #5: Team Formation
You may not have many Hexmons yet but you will gradually obtain more powerful ones.
You can also create a team using automatic team formation.

But you can make much better teams if you think about who you want on your team.
You can get an extra defense bonus for hexmons inside the blue border and an attack bonus for the ones inside the red border.
When creating your team, keep in mind that you get different bonuses depending on the position of your Hexmons.

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