RAID HQ Cheats: Best 2 Tips for PVP, Landing Zone, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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RAID HQ Tip #1: PVP.

All PvP rewards are delivered to your Harbor by Transporter after each successful PvP Raid, they'll then need to be unloaded at the Harbor. Each Transporter will take short amount time to unload its cargo and you'll need to return to claim your rewards when the timer has reached zero.

To start unloading your PvP rewards just tap on one of the Transporters docked at your Harbor, then tap the 'Unload' button.

Even if all of your Harbor's docks are full, all PvP Raids will still reward you with PvP Trophies and Medals, so there is always a good reason to Raid other players' HQ's!
You also have the option to complete the unloading of a Transporter instantly by using Gems.

RAID HQ Tip #2: Landing Zone.

Each LZ (Landing Zone) on your Island has its own path which all attacking troops will follow when raiding your HQ. To begin with each LZ will have a direct path from the LZ to your HQ. However, each of these paths can be altered to take a less direct path. This gives you the option to be a lot more strategic with the placement of your defences. The more hexes your LZ’s path also follows, the more buildings you can place on the path to slow down any attacking forces.

Remember, defensive weapons have an attack radius and don’t have to be placed on a path to protect other buildings, all buildings within the attack radius will be protected while the defences remain standing.

To change an LZ’s defensive path, first you’ll need to select the LZ by tapping on it.
Landing Zone 1’s menu will appear at the bottom of the screen and each time you tap on the blue ‘Shuffle’ button the route that LZ’s path to your HQ follows will change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not

When you find a path you like, all that’s left to do is reposition your defences and resources, keeping in mind that the LZ’s path has now changed.

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