Rising Tower Cheats: 5 Best Tips in Enhance, Evolve Guide and Tricks

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Rising Tower Defense: Royal Defenders Tip #1: Battle
Depending on how well you defended against the enemies, the number of stars you get differs.

Water drops indicate your Mana. You can build a tower by spending a certain amount of Mana.
You can earn it by killing an enemy or calling for an early wave.

If you have 0 heart left, you lose the game. When an enemy reaches your Start Point, you lose 1 heart.

Sometimes you get a Ruby for killing an enemy. You can check the number of Rubies you earned in the current battlefield.

Pressing the icon to summon the monster unit quickly earns you some bonus Mana.

You can build a tower only on the spot with special pattern.

The battle begins as soon as you start building a tower or press the button for an early enemy wave.

Try to use magic when it gets too hard to handle enemies only with towers. There's a cool-down time after using a Magic.

You can draw up to 3 random cards. However you need Gold to open second and third.

Rising Tower Defense: Royal Defenders Tip #2: Enhance
Enhance increases a card's stats like attack and effect points.
The cost for an Enhance differs depending on the tower's level, and the Power Stone's class.

Rising Tower Defense: Royal Defenders Tip #3: Evolve
Evolve can make your towers "Evolve". As an evolved tower can be upgraded to an even more powerful tower.
You need either an exactly the same type of tower card or an Evolution Stone to make tower Evolve.
Depending on the card's level, it costs different amount of gold to make it evolve.

Rising Tower Defense: Royal Defenders Tip #4: Exceed
Exceed increases the maximum level cap for enhancement by 1.
You can exceed the upgrade level cap of a tower card in the same way as Evolve.
Use an Exceed Stone in the card section to make a tower exceed its upgrade level cap.
Exceed stones can be obtained based on a probability rate after clearing a boss stage.

Rising Tower Defense: Royal Defenders Tip #5: Combine
Combine allows you to combine your unused cards, and by doing that, you may get Power Stones.
The more cards you combine, the better chance you have of getting a good Power Stone.