Rogue Life Cheats: 10 Best Tips in Upgrading, Improve Character, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #1: Open the chest 3 times a day (free).
How to get equipment?

1. Buy it from the shop
Use gems and medals

2. Stage clear reward
(Get advanced equipment by clearing higher-graded adventures)

3. Get it from the chest
(3 times a day for free)

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #2: Spend golds and reach the next level.
How to improve your character?
Level-up by gold
(Improve your attack & HP}

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #3: Upgrade weapons with materials.
Improve your attack & skills
Equip items.
(Improve your defense & magnet).

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #4: Use the couch.
Character's Energy.
Recover 1 to a minute (100 maximum).
Used for house facility.

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #5: Dig up ores (materials to upgrade weapons).
Weapon Upgrade
Upgrade your weapon with materials.
(+10 upgrade make it to the next grade).

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #6: Refine an upgrade stone.
Equipment Fusion
fuse two =9 items to make a higher-graded item.
(Two same parts Only).

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #7: Get a lumber by lodging (materials to upgrade weapons).
House Facility
Get initialized after midnight.
(applied to duels, quests & the shop).

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #8: Get a dye (materials to upgrade weapons).
Item Grade
Norm, Magic, Rare, Unique and Epic.
Legendary title is only applied to character only items with 3 or more stars.

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #9: Craft a potion material.
Growth Potion Fusion
Fuse 5 same-colored potions - A growth Potion
Effect of the grow potions
- Removing charact's level caps
- Evolve skill's cooldown reduction.

Rogue Life: Squad Goals Tip #10: How to Improve my Character.
1. Level Up: Level up by Gold (Attack Damage & HP increase)
2. Upgrade: Weapon Upgrade (Attack Damage Increase, Skill Upgrade)
3. Shop: Earn Advanced Equipment (Abilities including Magnet & Defense point)

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