Romantic Diary Walkthrough: Top 10 Events, Cheats, Guide and Tricks

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Top 10 Events for Romantic Diary

Romantic Diary Event 1: Time limited Sales.
During the period of event, recharge specified number to get exquisite outfit.
(Time Limited, do not miss it. Come on and get it.)

Romantic Diary Event 2: You deserved be loved.
Give your date desserts as gifts can raise 50% Affection during the event.

Romantic Diary Event 3: Double/Triple Rewards for First Time Top-up.
Top Up for the first time to earn double the amount of Diamonds and more gifts!
Please be noticed that each account can only enjoy for one time.

Romantic Diary Event 4: Month Card & Shining Dress.
The first time purchase month card have 200% rebate and extra 300 diamonds also alone with shinning dress.

Romantic Diary Event 5: Log in to the game 7 days in a row earns you the Dream Set.
Login 7 days in a row allow you to claim the Magpir Bridge Fairy, with each day to claim a part.
Remember to log in to the game every day.

Romantic Diary Event 6: Free Rare Clothes for First Time Top up.
During the closed beta, top up any amount to get the set clothes.
$1 Buy event is excluded.

Romantic Diary Event 7: Time-Limited consumption to gain unique set.
Starting from the character creation, spending a certain amount of Diamonds will earn you unique set.

Romantic Diary Event 8: Greetings from Luca!
Available when Luca's affection to you reaches a certain level.
Love Breakfast Includes Vitality*15 Milk*1 Egg*1!
Energy Snack Includes Vitality*15 Butter*1 Flour*1!

Romantic Diary Event 9: Receive Vitality for Daily Login.
Receive Vitality after your login! Don't Miss it!
Everyday from 11:30-13:30 lunch Vitality*20.
Every day from 18:00-20:00 Dinner Vitality*20.

Romantic Diary Event 10: Invite Friends to Receive Benefits and Diamonds.
Invite new players to receive luxury rewards. Earn bonus if your friends top up!.
The more top-up, the more rewards.