Squadron 1945 Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Changing Planes, Weapons Guide and Tricks

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Strategy Guide iPhone, iPad, Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices.

Squadron 1945 Tip #1: Plane Weapons
There are 4 types of Planes available in the game.
Each plane has different weapons, those are Laser, Homing Missiles, Spread Bullets and Spinning Long Bullet.
You can only use one plane at a time, you can also change your plane at anytime.
Spinning Long Bullet Plane is the most efficient way to attack enemies and avoid getting hit at the same time.
The SLBP or Spinning Long Bullet Plane can destroy enemies bullet but not all bullets can be hit because of it's spinning movement.
The bullet of SLBP can hit multiple enemies because when the bullet hits an enemy or enemies bullet, it wont disappear and it will continue to move until it goes out of the screen.
Laser is the weakest of them all because laser's attack can only hit enemies in front of your plane, so you need to move frequently if you want to kill enemies.
Unlike the SLBP, Laser's attack won't go through enemies which is why Laser Plane is only good if you want to kill a single enemy specially High HP enemy planes or Boss Planes.
Homing Missiles and Spread Bullets are both good offensively but you need to skillfully avoid enemy bullets IF SLBP is currently unavailable.

Squadron 1945 Tip #2: Change Planes
You can change your plane by releasing your finger at the screen to go into a super slow mode (1/8 Game Speed).
Remember you are still in the game and can be hit by enemy bullets if you don't react.
Use the Change Plane Feature as your advantage by just changing your plane at the right time.
SLBP is the most efficient plane in the game and it can be use as defensively or offensively but with this strategy, you should only use SLBP as defensively!
Your main plane should be either Homing Missiles or Spread Bullets. Because these two planes were better offensively than SLBP.
Kill enemies as fast as you can to avoid facing mob enemies and their bullets.
If the field has currently a lot of enemies or enemy bullets already and it is very difficult to dodge them, just change your plane into SLBP, and hit them with your attack to eliminate enemies or enemy bullets.
If it is very unlikely to dodge them because enemies are either on your side or at the back of your plane going at you, then you can switch it to your weakest plane which is the laser plane.

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