Sudden Warrior Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Fast Gold, Stats, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sudden Warrior Tip #1: Story
You can go back to your previous wave and complete it's specific mission for that wave.
Finishing missions will earn you permanent Gold Bonus.
If you are experiencing difficulty at your current wave, you can go back and earn permanent gold bonus.
Gold Bonus is also important, you can get more gold when you go back to your current wave.

Sudden Warrior Tip #2: Character
There are four stat attributes for your hero, 1 for your Pet and 1 for your Fairy.

1. Heroes Stats
Attack: Increase Damage, A wa to catch a strong monster!
HP: Makes you endure longer to enemy attacks, Prepare Boss stage.
Def: Minimizes the damage of the enemy. An essential element for survivial.
Critical: Increase damage in case of fatal blow.

2. Pet  Stats
Breath: Release the breath to attack ahead at the incoming enemy.

3. Fairy Stats
Heal: Restores more Health Points.

Sudden Warrior Tip #3: Watch Ads
1. Flying Chest: Tap them to open and don't watch the ads on Flying chest.
Times 2 gold on Flying Chest isn't worth it and you can use those ad time for actively battling enemies and get more gold.
Remember, Ads are only limited based on your country and ads availability.

2. Auto Features: Skills, Breath, Heal, Game Speed, Gold x2 are worth watching an ad for them.
It will give you extra help on earning more gold.
They have separate cooldowns for watching ads in each features.
It is recommended to use only one of either auto breath or auto heal feature.
If you have Auto heal, you can hold the Attack buttton for automatic breath.
If you have Auto Breath, you can hold the Heal button for automatic heal.

Sudden Warrior Tip #4: Earn Free gold
1. Treasures
You can earn gold and other stuffs through Treasures.
You can get rewards for just being actively in the game.
The amount of rewards will be based on your current wave, the higher wave you are, the higher the rewards amount will be!

2. Achievements
You can earn gold through Achievements.
It works similarly with Treasures by playing actively but kinda automatic.
In treausres, you need to tap the treasure and get the rewards and wait for it's cooldown so you can collect again.
In achievements, playing actively will earn you achievements without thinking about them. There is a button "Get All Achievement", just tap it and you will get all available rewards in Achievements.