Three Kings Charge Cheats: Gift Code & Level Up, Guide and Tricks

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Strategy Guide iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices for 3 Kings Charge

Different slots need different heroes. Front need heroes with good STA and CHR growth. Middle and Rear need heroes with good PWR or INT growth.
Gear LV less than or equal to Character Lv + 10 can be equipped!
Higher level Gear gets better stats. Orange Gear with special border has extra stats.
Tap Auto-fight. Your Heroes will fight in the field again and again. You can get rewards from stages easily.
Daily Boss tries are limited. Use Rush Tokens to increase.
Beat Boss for better Gear and Evo Orb or Boost Stone which you can't get in common stages.
Remember to claim Boss Rewards.
The Heroes will fight for you even you close the game.
Offline fight won't use Data

Wanna Level up quickly!?
In fact there are EXP events from 18:00~ 20:00(GMT +8) on Saturday and Sunday. Use Fast fights or Fast tokens to gain more EXP!

Have you noticed the Stars?
In star tab you can gaze to acquire different class stars!
Gaze purple star for EPIC stats. Then you can upgrade the stars by using normal souls.
If you don't like the star type, you can merely click to change with other stars.

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