Tower Crush Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Weapons, Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tower Crush Tip #1: Random Weapons and Target.
If you lost a game, your next game will not be similar with your previous battle.
You're AI opponent will randomly select a building and it's target will also change.
Don't hesitate to try again if you lose, you might beat the AI because of it's randomness.

Tower Crush Tip #1: Watch ads to double coins.
Watch ads to earn more coins, for every victory it will increase your level and your next opponent game may be more difficult than your previous battle.

Tower Crush Tip #1: Losing is just part of winning.
Losing a battle will earn you near half the amount of coins if you've won.
Since there are no limit in this game in-terms of playing, just play and ignore if you lose, you will still earn coins and upgrade your weapons.

Tower Crush Tip #1: Target one Enemy Building/Weapon at at time.
You can eliminate the most threat/dangerous enemy weapon in the battle by targeting it with all of your weapons available.
It will quickly eliminate and you can proceed to it's next threat building/weapon.
Let the weakest enemy weapon alive until all most threat weapons are killed.

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