Vikings: Age of Warlords Cheats: Attacking Monsters Tips, Guide and Tricks

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Vikings: Age of Warlords Strategy Guide
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How do I attack monsters?
On the World Map, invaders and treasure guardians are kinds of monsters.

Killing a monster requires a certain amount of military force. You’ll suffer some losses in the battle, but the monster will drop a lot of valuable items. After killing a treasure guardian you can also collect other dropped resources or tech points.

After upgrading the corresponding tech, when attacking monsters you can transport injured soldiers to the Castle for healing. (If the Castle doesn’t have enough space, then they will automatically die.)
How do I gather resources?
Find a resource point in the World Map, click on it, select occupy, and send troops to occupy the resource point. It takes some time for troops to complete resource gathering, and when they are finished they will carry the resources back to the castle. (Militia are the troops with the highest load capacity in the game, and upgrading them to high level militia will greatly increase their load capacity. At any time you can build a Gym to increase the amount of militia.)

The number of troops will provide a certain bonus to the resources gathered, at most increasing it 150%, so always send as many troops as possible when gathering resources.
How do I win a war?
When your allies attack or defend, if both sides have a huge amount of soldiers, then a war will go on for a long time. At this time, you can click on your ally’s city and check out the battle situation and add your own troops to the war.

While the battle is going on, you can add reinforcements up until the end of the battle. So, when you get attacked, you don’t need to worry. As long as your side is of a certain size, you can draw out the battle and immediately notify your allies and friends in other alliances to send reinforcements to you. You can also request reinforcements from allies before the battle has begun.

(Although Militia are pretty weak when attacking, if they’ve been upgraded through tech, in a defensive war they can unleash their natural abilities very effectively, so reinforcing allies with Militia is not a bad choice.)