7 Guardians Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Level Up, Upgrade, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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7 Guardians Tip #1: Leveling Up Heroes.
Level Up your Heroes through Story Mode and Sanctuary Battles.
Remember that you can always use Elixirs to level up Faster.

Using Elixirs is the fastest way to level up your Heroes.

7 Guardians Tip #2: Peculiar Elixirs.
Unlike the common Elixirs, Peculiar Elixirs can only be used on a defined Rank of Heroes.

For Example 3* Elixirs can be used on only 3* Heroes.

Peculiar Elixirs are rarer than the common ones, but guarantee a very fast Hero level up.

7 Guardians Tip #3: How to Level Up.
Select the Hero you wish to level up from the Hero screen.
Tap the [Level Up] button to display the Elixir selection screen.

Once you select the Elixirs, expected XP change will be displayed on the UI.

You can select a maximum of 10 Elixirs at a time.
Tap on the [Level Up] button to consume selected elixirs simultaneously.

Remember that leveling up a Hero of a higher Rank will require more Gold.

7 Guardians Tip #4: Upgrading Heroes.
Enhance your Heroes by Upgrading them.
You can upgrade your Heroes to greatly increase their stats.

All your Heroes can be upgraded up to level +5.
Remember that you can not sacrifice your Heroes, included in any of your Parties.

7 Guardians Tip #5: Sacrificing your Heroes.
You need sacrificial Heroes to upgrade your Heroes.
The Rank of your sacrificial Heroes or Hero Tokens must be identical or lower than the upgrade target.

Note that Hero Upgrade can fail. You will lose your sacrificial Heroes if your Hero Upgrade fails.
You can improve your success rate by adding more sacrificial Heroes or Hero Tokens.

Using a sacrificial Hero or Hero Token of the same rank to the upgrade target guarantees 100% success rate.

7 Guardians Tip #6: How to Upgrade.
Select the Hero you wish to upgrade from the Hero menu and tap the [Upgrade] button to display available sacrificial Heroes and Hero Tokens.

A maximum of 5 sacrificial Heroes or Hero Tokens can be selected when you upgrade Heroes. Add more Heroes or Tokens to improve your Upgrade Heroes.

Select your sacrificial Heroes before tapping the [Upgrade] button.

Every time you fail to upgrade your Hero, a bonus success rate will be added.
Stacked bonus rate will not be reset until your next upgrade success.

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