Armpit Hero Cheats: Coupon Codes for Diamonds and Menu Functions, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Menu Functions in Armpit Hero

Gather Soul Orbs and upgrade your Teammates.

Summon Demons and use them as your colleagues.

Summoned Demons works and gathers Soul Orbs!
Drop by this menu as frequently as possible.

World Map
View the complete map of the Devildom.
Explore various dungeons, and collect your reward at every 5 stages.

Costume and Diamond Shops are located here.

Diamond Coupon Codes
1. 1000DIA = 1000 Diamonds. 2. SORRY500 = 500 Diamonds. 3. NUMBER1 = 200 Diamonds. 4. CHILD = 200 Diamonds. 5. KISS = 100 Diamonds.