Boom Boom Soccer Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Gold, Players, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Boom Boom Soccer Tip #1: How do I get more Bucks?
You can earn Bucks mainly by playing matches against opponents. Matches in Daily Trophy, Events and Quick Match modes all grant Bucks rewards.

Boom Boom Soccer Tip #2: How do I get more Gold?
Some Events offer gold as rewards for completion. You can check rewards for your Event by clicking on the Rewards tile located within the active Event screen.

Daily Trophies may also offer gold as rewards for completion. Finish at the top of the table to receive gold and other possible rewards.

Rewards are offered for progression through the game, some of which are gold. For example, completing a certain amount of matches may reward you with gold.

Boom Boom Soccer Tip #3: How do I get more Energy?
Energy recovers automatically over time. You will earn 1 Energy pip every 20 minutes until your bar is full again.
When you are out of energy and attempt to play another match, you will be presented with the option to instantly fully recover your energy for gold or watch a video for a free energy pip.
You can also earn free energy through the rewards list.

Boom Boom Soccer Tip #4: How do I get more Players?
You can recruit new Players in two ways in Boom Boom Soccer:
1. In rewards earned by completing matches.
2. By purchasing Cards or Packs in the Card Store.
The top Legend players are unlocked by collecting all the Players in the Card Collection for their respective countries.

Boom Boom Soccer Tip #5: How do I change my lineup?
You can change the Players in your lineup in the My Cards screen. Tap on one of your Players or My Cards button to start.

Browse through your Player Cards, center on the Player you want to swap in or out and tap the Swap button. If the button is non-interactive, there is currently no eligible Player for you to swap with.

Next, select the Player you want to swap with. The comparison value above the player cards will be green when the Swap increases your overall team strength, and red when the Swap will result in decreased strength. When ready, tap the Swap button.

Now, the Player that you swapped onto the field will become In-Use, and the Player that was In-Use previously will now be in your reserve roster in My Cards.

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