Chronos Gate Cheats: 4 Best Tips in Runestones, Summon, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Chronos Gate Tip #1: Runestones.
Runestones are the basic Attributive Runestones.
Water, Fire, Wind, and Thunder.
By stacking together 3 Runestones of the same Attribute, it would become a Match which lets you Attack!

Stacking together 5 Runestones of the same Attribute allows you to launch a Multitude Attack, striking all Enemies at Once.

You can generate Healing Runestones by Matching each of the 4 Attributes of Runestones. When Heating Runestunes are included in a Match, you Recover HP!

Matching Runestones can form Refined Faunestones! Swipe.
Refined Runestone to the left or the right to activate your Leader or Ally's Eliminate Skill reepectively

Chronos Gate Tip #2: Spell Summons.
Spell Summons can give you Starter Heroes Rin, Leena‘ Hyeon-tae‘ Victor or even Enemies you faced in Battles if you‘re lucky!
You need 1 Spellstone for one Spell Summon Spellstones can be Time Warped from Spellstone Fragments.
These Fragments can be obtained from Supplies or during Battles

Chronos Gate Tip #3: Friendship.
Friendship summons give you Materials or low Rarity Heroes, and costs only 200 Friend Points~ Remember, you get 10 Friend Points, for using a "Friend" or a "FB Friend" as your
Ally in a Floor Battle, and 5 Points when using other "Runemasters".

Chronos Gate Tip #4: Time Summon.
4-Star or above Heroes that are suitable for battles can be acquired through Time Summons.
It only costs 5 Timestones! During special Events, there'll be an increased chance of Summoning particular Heroes.