Dark Deck Cheats: Codes and 5 Best Tips for Rewards, Forge, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dark Deck Tip #1: Forge.
Here you can forge new higher level cards by merging lower level ones. You need 3 cards void of any tokens of the same type to be able to merge them.

Dark Deck Tip #2: Sign-In Daily.
Sign in daily to get rewards and get the biggest reward at the 30th day..
Day 1: 10000 Coins.
Day 2: Rare Random Card.
Day 3: Random Token.
Day 4: 50 Gems.
Day 5: 2 Golden Puzzle.
Day 6: 1000 Forge Powder.
Day 7: Epic Random Card.
Day 8: 20000 Coins.
Day 9: 3 Golden Puzzle.
Day 10: 50 Gems.
Day 11: 2000 Forge Powder.
Day 12: 50000 Coins.
Day 13: Random Token.
Day 14: 300 Gems.
Day 15: 4 Golden Puzzle.
Day 16: 150000 Coins.
Day 17: 500 Forge Powder.
Day 18: Legendary Random Card.
Day 19: 3 Golden Puzzle.
Day 20: 30000 Coins.
Day 21: 50 Gems.
Day 22: Random Token.
Day 23: 750 Forge Powder.
Day 24: 60000 Coins.
Day 25: 4 Golden Puzzle.
Day 26: 50 Gems.
Day 27: 90000 Coins.
Day 28: 3000 Forge Powder.
Day 29: 5 Golden Puzzle.
Day 30: 2 Random Tokens.

Dark Deck Tip #3: Daily Quest.
Each quests in Daily Quest will give you Puzzle Pieces if you completed the quest.
Exchange 6 Puzzle Pieces for a Golden Puzzle.
You can use your Golden Puzzle to draw random cards (Uncommon, Rare or Epic).

Dark Deck Tip #4: Achievements.
It works similar with Daily Quest except you will earn gems instead of puzzle pieces and those achievements will last for the whole game time.

Dark Deck Tip #5: Arena Rewards.
Higher Ranks in arena gets higher rewards. Climb the arena ladder to get better rewards. You can move the slider below to see what reward gets what arena rank.

Code: NEWBIE = 50 GEMS.

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