Dragon Sim Cheats: 10 Quick Tips for Hunting, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dragon Sim Top 10 Quick Tips

  1. You can earn points by hunting other animals and completing quests.
  2. By leveling up family members become bigger and stronger.
  3. You can zoom in and zoom out when viewing the map.
  4. When you level up your characters you get stat points which you can spend on improving characteristics of your characters.
  5. If you can't find an animal needed for the quest you should just hunt other animals until needed one appears.
  6. You can select element of your character only once.
  7. You can customize the appearance of your characters in the game menu.
  8. You can bind the den so that it becomes your main den. If you die you'll respawn there.
  9. You can use teleport to get to home faster.
  10. You can select type of flying controls in the game menu.

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