Eternal Legend Cheats: Invitational Code & 6 Best Events, Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Eternal Legend Event #1: Login up to 30 Days
Login from day 1 to day 30 without missing a single day will give you the most rewards of this event.
Remember, Login counter will reset for every 1st day of the month.
It is recommended to login daily to get big rewards specially at the last week of the month.

Eternal Legend Event #2: Level Up Gift
For every 10th level up you reached, you will get a bonus gift pack!
The higher level you are, the more rewards you will get!

Eternal Legend Event #3: World Boss
If you defeat the Boss, Boss's Level will increase the next day.
Otherwise the Boss's Level will decrease the next day.
Silver Boost 10% at most gold boost 50% at most.
Reputation Event can be redeemed into rewards!

Eternal Legend Event #4: Time Gift
Top-up the required amount of money within the time limit to get an extra gift-pack.

Eternal Legend Event #5: Top Up
Continuous top-up for 7 days to get bonus!
for the 7th consecutive days, you will get 80000 Silver, 1000 Energy Points, 500% Duel Points and 50 Strengthen.

Eternal Legend Event #6: Super Ninja Draw
1. Super Ninja Limited Time Draw will be on the activity page and the mall's interface to gain points.
2. After the event ends, there will be a ranking according to points and given super ninja rewards.
3. Free draws on the activity page and mall will not overlap.

Invitation Code: ELIC123

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