Fantasista Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Players, Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Fantasista a Football Legend Tip #1: Gameplay.
To become the best you have to increase your skill status, but in Fantasista training can only be done after your level has gone up. So try to level up your character by completing quests or playing in a match with your club.
Leveling Up -> Training -> Join a Club -> Play In a Match.

Fantasista a Football Legend Tip #2: Players.
Goal Keeper
The only player in your team to be allowed to guard the post with his two hands.
The deepest line of defense that present the team from being penetrated by the opponent.
Mid Fielder
The conductor in the middle that has a job to build up to play and to send a good ball to the front man.
The front line man with the task to assault the opponent zone and to score lot of goals.

Fantasista a Football Legend Tip #3: Other Important Tips.

  • In Fantasista, dreams and honors are achieved by competing in many professional tournaments. Join the best team and start winning!
  • Join a Football club at a time by signing a contract. The highest division club only wants the best player and they will offer the best amount of salary.
  • A player who is having a severe/critical injured or is banned because of card accumulation, he will not be able to play in the next match.
  • Every little details such as players current condition, playing style, position, will be important as it can affect the match outcome.
  • Improve your skill according to your role and position in the field. You can be a goalkeeper, a defender, a wing back, a midfielder, a winger or a lone striker.
  • New quest is available when you reach a certain level. Moving to another city will also unlock a new set of quest with bigger rewards.
  • Get skill cards by spending manuscript at the Sports lab. Cards can be leveled up to unleash its potential.
  • Visit many football cities around the world such as Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Roma and complete the quests to level up and gain rewards.

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