Fighter Utopia Cheats: Exchange Code and Events, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Fighter Utopia Event #1: Invite Welfare.
Bind to the recruit token provided by a veteran player before level 30 to earn gift!
After that you can invite new players to earn more rewards!
Recruit Token: fighterutopia128

Fighter Utopia Event #2: Fighter Gift.
During the event, recharge for a total of 15000 gold. You can have a chance to choose the legendary Mighty Fighter of your choice [4-star by default]

Fighter Utopia Event #3: Investment.
1000 gold to buy the new server fund and totally earn 5000 gold.

Fighter Utopia Event #4: Card Benefits.
Monthly Card: Purchase to earn 200 gold and claim 100 gold daily!
Sweep Material 15% has a chance to double Energy. Energy Cap +50%
Permanent Card: Purchase to earn 660 gold and claim 120 gold daily!
Skill point Recovery duration 40%. Skill Points Cap + 10.

Fighter Utopia Event #5: Level Cap.
Upgrade and get gold after character creation, complete within 7 days to earn extra rewards.

Fighter Utopia Event #6: Login Pack.
Login the 2nd day to get Miss Li. Login for 7 days to upgrade to 3 stars.

Exchange Code: goldrewards

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