Gear Craft Cheats: 28 Quick Tips for Troops, Towers, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Gear Craft 28 Important Quick Tips

  1. The commander will join the battle upon getting hurt or losing Guard Towers.
  2. You can gather 10 stars to unlock a Star Chest every 24 hours. 
  3. Complete achievements to earn Gems and experience!
  4. Classic combination: Heavy Gunners and Riflemen
  5. Use your power efficiently is the key to victory.
  6. Missile Towers cannot attack air targets
  7. As battle starts, 4 cards from the deck will be randomly selected as your initial cards.
  8. All buildings will slowly lose HP and disappear after some time.
  9. Power will generate automatically during battle. Using cards costs power.
  10. Destroy more Star Towers than your opponent, to win
  11. Better to have both anti-air and anti-ground cards in your deck.
  12. Sometimes holding on to a card is the best play to make.
  13. All Star Towers target both ground and air troops.
  14. Guard Towers will do their best to protect the Command Tower.
  15. Platinum Chest contains at least one Epic card.
  16. Gold Chests always contain at least one Flare Card
  17. Prism Tower deals more and more damage to its target over t|me
  18. Rifleman, Grenadier and Heavy Gunner have been planning to form up a team.
  19. With higher rank, you can get more cards and, gold from the chests
  20. Win Battle Points to upgrade your rank and unlock cards.
  21. You can select 8 cards from your collection to create a card deck
  22. Barrage can easily eliminate groups of small troops.
  23. Once opponent's Guard Tower is down, you can deploy your troops on his side.
  24. Deploy troops with high HP in front of vulnerable ones to protect them.
  25. Zooka needs to quickly end this battle as she will run for a date.
  26. Level of Commander indicates the strength of your Command Tower and Guard Towers. ’
  27. Power Stations are good choices in slow-paced battles.
  28. During a Friendly Battle, time for the Sudden Death mode is 1 minutes. 

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