Gem Hunters Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Ranking, Items, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Gem Hunters Tip #1: Attack vs Magic vs Defense.
Defense is good against both magic and attack.
You need to survive more longer to be able to match more elemental gems.
The longer you survive the bigger the chance to cast spells, regenerate health points, stun enemies etc.
This is why we need defense to be able to do those. Attack/Magic based hero can't use their full potential if they can't survive longer.

Gem Hunters Tip #2: Items.
There are 2 types of Items. Active and Passive.
Passive items have passive stats or effects. Those bonus have a permanent effect through out the game.
Active items are those who needs certain elemental gems to be able to use against enemies. Those active spells are powerful specially if the item is rare or legendary.
They can boost your attack, stun/freeze enemies and other useful spell effects.

The only problem with active items is you need to match those elemental gems, if you don't have
defense then it is likely you won't be able to use them specially facing a tougher enemies.
One of the advantage of using active items is when you match the other elemental gems, sometimes you may match a gems that will add to your active item.
If you want to use spells at early phase of the game, just equip 4 different elemental active items because for every match you made, there will be a gems that will add to your items.

Gem Hunters Tip #3: Gems.
Gems can help you gain great items like rare or legendary.
You need to have 25 gems to be able to open a chest that contains great items.
If you are a free to play user, just watch an ad for every 30 minutes. If you can't play, just watch to earn gems. 25 Gems will help you greatly.