Grinns Legacy Cheats: 12 Quick Tips for Attacking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Grinns Legacy Top 10 Quick Tips

  1. Every Elemental monster is an easy target if you know their weakness.
  2. Chemical beats Thermal! Thermal beats Electrical! Electrical beats Chemical.
  3. Archer Love the Charge Drink.
  4. Some Leader Abilities change when you Upgrade them!
  5. Dual Attacks are the only way to break Shields.
  6. No shield in the world can stand up to a Dual Slash.
  7. Holding down on attack indicator makes charging go faster.
  8. Expedition are a great way to level newly unlocked Heroes.
  9. Weapons and armor at MAX Level can evolve to gain better stats and abilities.
  10. In a Combo, the last attacker deals bonus damage. The longer the combo, greater the bonus.
  11. Free daily check in bonus. Come back daily for more rewards!
  12. Collect Keys to open the Wooden Box for helpful weapons.