Hero of Magic: War Age Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Level Up, Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hero of Magic: War Age Android/iOS Tip #1: How can I level up fast?
Besides the main quests,daily quests and team quests can provide you a large amount of experience.
Don't miss them.
And you can get extra experience as a team leader,in some events, leaders can also get some extra items.
To fill the Exp gap between newbies and experienced players,we set a World Prosperity which give extra bonus according to the world level.
When your current character level is 20 more levels less than the world level,you will get an extra 100% exp bonus.

Hero of Magic: War Age Android/iOS Tip #2: Make more friends and win the rewards!
A thousand friends are few, one enemy is too many. More friends often mean more fun and you can't be great without friends. Only the first 50 people who get 50 friends can win the prize, hurry up.

Hero of Magic: War Age Android/iOS Tip #3: Level Up Gift.
Complete quests with a team to have more EXP and upgrade faster.

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