Hunting Safari Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Hunting, Weapons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hunting Safari Tip #1: Hunting.

Be patient, sometimes your prey may hide behind a stone or a tree.
You can deal more damage when hit head, lung, heart or brain.
Efficient Coolant can instantly cool your overheated TVG.
Heart shot can only be made under Thermal Vision.

If you can't find your prey during night, thermal imaging will help you a lot.
Use Rifle to hunt animals at rest. Aim at specific organ and give it a fatal shot through Thermal Vision Goggles.
Different animals will show in the same scene, be sure of the prey you shoot.

Hunting Safari Tip #2: Upgrade & Weapons.

Upgrade your weapon according to Gears. Require as it is the most reasonable upgrading path.
Special Weapons are extremely powerful, and extremely cool
Weapons on sales will change each week
A weapon with higher ‘quality’ can give you more reward

Upgrade your Vehicle to increase shock absorbing ability
Choose the required weapon will helpful for your hunt.
Upgrade Reload Time, when kill multiple targets, you will pass easily.
Upgrade your weapon to make the hunting easier

Assault Rifles with better sights makes it easier to deal more damage
Try Pistols, they may surprise you.