Keyboard Hero Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Game Modes, Energy, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Keyboard Hero Tip #1: Normal Vs Time Attack.
If you want to earn more coins per game, play for Normal Mode since you can only have a maximum of 5 energy.
Normal Mode will earn you more coins if you can survive as long as possible. Unlike with Time Attack Mode, you are only limited to 60 seconds.
Normal Mode is more difficult than Time Attack Mode, but you will earn more coins even if you can't beat the 1st boss.

Keyboard Hero Tip #2: Language.
You can select 1 of 4 language available in this game.
English, Vietnamese, Spanish and French.
Some words has wrong spelling, so you shouldn't rely on your chosen language and instead you should read the words carefully.

Keyboard Hero Tip #3: Hangar.
There are 3 characters available in the Hangar.
Alex is free at the start of the game while Monkey King costs 200,000 and Super Woman 300,000.
It is recommended to upgrade Alex's Health by 1 only while saving your coins to buy Super Woman Directly.
You shouldn't buy Monkey King because of the gap between Monkey King and Super Woman costs.
It isn't worth to buy Monkey King if you plan to buy Super Woman later.

Keyboard Hero Tip #4: Energy.
You can only have 5 Energy at max. However you can play the game without energy limitation.
If you don't have energy left and you want to refill without waiting. Just close the game first and add your current time enough to have a maximum of 5 energy.

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