Legend of Norland Cheats: Gift Code & 4 Best Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legend of Norland Tip #1: Battle.
Use ability to make your fight easier!
Double click ability icon to quick cost ability.
Slide screen to cast Critical Hit to swipe out enemies.
Critical Hit will consume anger.
Critical Hit can execute enemies and restore HP, but it's useless to BOSS or elite.
Lose direction? Click button GO can auto march!
CD time can be reduce to 50% at most.
Auto mode will let you attack and cast ability automatically, you can also control manually.
Switch hero on fight will continue to cast ability of other hero.

Legend of Norland Tip #2: Equipment.
Equipment could observably increase your SP.
Dragon treasury has a chance to drop precious equipment.
Equipment ranks from high to low as legendary, epic, rare, uncommon and common.
Upgrading equipment can highly increase equipment attribute.
Get 18 equipment enhance stars in total to activate fancy wings.
One equipment can awakened at most 2 attributes at same type.
Legendary and epic equipment have high attributes and additional buff to make hero stronger.
Reforge the advanced equipment will get returned only partial materials that have been used in previous advancement.
Awakening equipment to get legendary attribute, it can highly increase Battle Rate.

Legend of Norland Tip #3: Elite Stage.
Elite Stage can be challenged 5 times everyday, you will get great rewards.
Elite Stage is more difficult. 3 Heroes in your team will fight at the same time.
Elite Stage requires all heroes on fight.
Challenge Elite Stages everyday to get epic equipment.

Legend of Norland Tip #4: Rewards.
Complete daily quests and get Activity Points to claim diamonds as reward.
Exchange gifts with your friends to gain stamina.
Attend Treasure Hunt to upgrade quickly and get lots of rewards.
You can exchange high quality jewelry in Mass Brawl shop.
Marine quests can grant you lots of rewards, fast upgrading depends on them!
Vault Guard is a special event that appears randomly after completing a stage.
In time limit causing higher damage on the guard can gain higher reward!

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