Legendary MOBA Cheats: Gift Packs Codes & Top 2 Legendary for 5vs5, 3vs3 Team Battle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Android/iOS/iPhone Legendary 5vs5 MOBA Game by EFUN, Electronic Soul, and Spoon Network.

Legendary MOBA Tip #1: Stun vs Slow.
If you stun a legendary, it will not move for a certain amount of time.
Stun is better than slow because legendaries when slowed, they can still move away, cast spells, heal, or attack you.
However some abilities will have a mini stun or short duration stun effect.
Choose a Legendary that has a long duration stun effect ability.

Legendary MOBA Tip #2: Stun for Team Battles.
Stun is very handy specially for team battles such as 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5.
You can also do a chain stun with your team mate to a single enemy legendary.
It is better to talk with your legendary team mate that has stun ability and decide which legendary should cast a stun ability first.
If you and your teammate execute a perfect chain stun, your target won't be able to do anything and it will likely be killed specially if it is alone.

Legendary MOBA Tip #3: Stun Abilities.
All Legendaries has a unique 4 abilities that can be use actively or passively.
The 4th Ability is called signature skill/ability. The 4th Ability has a longer cooldown duration, so you can only use it when it's cooldown ends.
Other Abilities except with the signature ability has a shorter cooldown duration.
Abilities that has a long duration stun and short cooldown duration is the best Stun Ability.

Top 2 Legendaries for 5vs5, 3vs3 Team Battles.
Only Guan Yu's "Dragon Smite" Ability  and Zhang Fei's "Mecha Fist" that has a long stun duration with short cooldown duration.

Legendary: Guan Yu
He fought in the battlefield for his whole life. When combined with the Green Dragon Soul, Guan Yu becomes the saint of War!

Dragon Smite
Cast green dragon beam, dealing physical damage to a single enemy and stunning the target.

Dragon Slash
Hop into the sky and slash at the ground, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies at landing.

Crescent Blade
Guan Yu's normal attack deals extra damage by emitting optical waves every once in a while and reduces the hit rate of the targets.

Dragon Whirly Blade
Cast whirlwind, dealing area damage to enemy target over second. Enemies on the edge of the whirlwind take half damage. Meanwhile, Guan Yu is immune to all spell damage.

Legendary: Zhang Fei
One of Five Tiger Generals in the Shu Kingdom, he is one of the best Human Warriors and known as "General Tiger"

Mecha Fist
Cast a wine gourd to deal damage to the target and nearby enemy units and stun the target.

Raging Fury
Passive: Increase the armor. 
Active: Increase the Movement and attack speed for you and nearby allies, lasting seconds.

Great Cleave
Passive: Normal Attack attaches splash damage, dealing extra damage to all enemy units in front.

Wrath of Yan
Roar to increase your Damage greatly.

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