Legion Hunters Cheats: Newbie Gift Code, 11 Best Events, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Newbie Gift Pack can help new player to conquer or improve ability. Did you know how to use it? Its easy, please check below how to claim the code below this.

1) You need to login first on website Legion Hunters to get the code
2) Find Gift Pack Button and Click
3) Copy the code and login to the game. Code: JBV5ZC2EPV
4) inside the game Legion Hunters click Settings Button and click CD Key.
5) You will directed Activate code form paste the code and click okay.
6) If successful, gift icon will be appeared on lobby menu
7) The Gift Pack

Top 11 Events for Legion Hunters

7-Day Login
Login everyday for 7 days consecutively and get cool gifts in gold and even diamonds!

7-day Topup Gift
Topup any amount for consecutive 7 days and get these cool, valued gifts!

Battle Expert
Get 3 stars from dungeons to claim these rewards. The more stars you have, the more gifts you can claim!

Power Contest
Increase your Power! If you make it to the ranks and stay there until the event ends, you’ll get this huge amount of diamonds! Compete with other players for the 1st rank!

Consecutive Logins
Diamonds everywhere! Login everyday and collect stamps to get cool rewards!

I’m a Mage!
You can get 88 gold daily from your army in the mail for 7 days!

Level Giftpack
Hunters! Level up now to get these sweet rewards! You can get Legions and weapons! What are you waiting for? Level up now!

Luxurious Gift
Accumulate your topup and claim your gifts as you go~

Super Discount
Super value deals! Get these items to strengthen yourself in these awesome, limited deals!

VIP Giftpack
Level up your VIP for the chance to buy these exclusive giftpacks in super value discounts!

Weapon Cultivation
Hunters! Gear up and refine your weapons! We’ll reward you with cool items.