Linear Quest Cheats: 7 Best Tips in Battle, Elements, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Linear Quest Beta Tip #1: Gameplay.

  • Level up your character.
  • Raise your stats.
  • Learn new and better skills.
  • Buy and find better equipment.
  • Defeat bosses and advance forward.

Linear Quest Beta Tip #2: Status.
Earn Stat points by leveling up in battle.
Use stat points to increase Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity, Agility or Luck.

Linear Quest Beta Tip #3: Skills.
Earn skill points by leveling up in battle.
Use skill points to level up skills and make them stronger.
Leveling up certain skills can unlock new skills.

Linear Quest Beta Tip #4: Inventory.
Inventory holds all the items you pick up.
You can carry a total of 18 items.
You can double tap items to use or equip them.
Hold and drag items to move them around or drop them to Ground.

Linear Quest Beta Tip #5: Battle.
When you walk towards enemies you will automatically start attacking.
Enemies won't move but they will attack back or use skills.
Your attack damage, speed and distance depends on your weapon.
With bows you can attack beyond enemy reach if you have arrows.
Skills can also be used further away from enemies.
You take damage from enemy attacks and if your HP drops to zero you will fall in battle.

Linear Quest Beta Tip #6: Status Effects.
There are negative status effects and buffs.
Negative status effects cause bad effects to the player and buffs give improvements.
Some status effects eg. Poison damages the players and others prevent player from moving.
Every status effect can be cured at the warp statue or with the skill Cure.
After some time a status effect or a buff will disappear by itself.
Having higher stats will makes status effects disappear faster.

Linear Quest Beta Tip #7: Elements.
Some skills, equipment and even monsters may have an element.
There are 6 elements - Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Holy and Dark.
Wind is effective against Water. Water is effective against fire. Fire is effective against earth. Earth is effective against Wind.
Holy and Dark are effective against each other.
Elements are also weak against some of the other ones.
Equipment can also have elemental resistance against some elements.
Resistances lower the damage from certain elements.

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